We have some exciting news y’all…

I (Laura Beth) am sitting across the table from my co-host and sister, Lainie with much anticipation as we write this email to you. As we look back as to why we even started doing the Steel Magnolias Podcast almost 2 years ago, it was to welcome all the new people to town that may not know the ways of us Southerners. After all, somebody needs to serve on the “welcome wagon” so naturally we signed up!

In the last 18 months, we’ve grown a table full of listeners (that’s you!) that we just love! 

The weekly show maintains a 5 star rating, stays in the top 100 “Places & Travel” podcasts on Apple Podcasts, and has the most fun group of listeners any podcast creator could imagine!

So here’s where it gets real. We are stepping out in faith that what y’all have told us is true: you want more! More content, more connection and more merch! 

What started as a passion project between us sisters, now has some legs to grow into a thriving, entertaining podcast AND community! 
So, for those that are ready to go deeper with us in some way shape or form, I’m talking to you! You are invited to visit our Patreon page to find out 3 different ways you can support our growth and earn yourself some sweet benefits! Patreon is a website that provides a way for creators and artists (like us) to connect with people that want to support their work. 

We’re giving you exclusive content, recipe cards, a “Peace Be With Y’all” t-shirt and a Steel Magnolias SWAG Box, plus a BONUS “Sister Chat” EPISODE every month in exchange for your support. 
Y’all have to be getting a little excited by now.

Patreon Perk:

“Peace Be With Y’all” t-shirt

Your support means the world to us and we hope that the offerings you see in the monthly tiers will be a blessing to you; that’s definitely our intent. 

Peace be with y’all!
-Laura Beth & Lainie 


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  1. The website won’t let me set up a $20 per month support. Amount only shows $NaN as the amount and site won’t process my request. 😢

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