It’s Derby Week Y’all!

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We Love the Kentucky Derby!

As with everything in 2020, the Kentucky Derby will look different for this year’s running of the roses in Louisville, KY, but we are just thrilled it’s happening! We are so excited that we have put together some things to get you ready for this Saturday’s race, September 5th.

WHY IT MATTERS: The Kentucky Derby, first staged in 1875, is the longest continually-held major sporting event in the United States and was originally scheduled for May 5. A record crowd of 170,513 attended the event in 2015.

WHAT’S DIFFERENT THIS YEAR: Usually the first Saturday in May, the race has been pushed all the way out to September! Due to physical distancing protocols and other safety measures in place to mitigate the risks associated with COVID-19, less than 23,000 guests are expected Sept. 5 for the rescheduled Kentucky Derby 146. No general admission means no infield, so sorry for all you party-ready infielders that had tickets!

Did you ever think this is where we’d be in life?

Alas, here we are wearing masks with straw holes, ha!

Grab yours at Prim and Brim!

TRIPLE CROWN: Typically the Kentucky Derby would be the first of 3 races of 3-year-old Thoroughbred Horses that are a part of the highly coveted “triple crown” winner designation. So all eyes are on the winner to know if they go into the subsequent Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes races for potentially earning the triple crown. This year, however, the Belmont Stakes has already happened in June and Preakness Stakes won’t occur until October.

A horse named Tiz the Law won at Belmont so keep your eyes on that one!

Photo: Susie Raisher/NYRA Photo  

ENJOYING FROM HOME: We love celebrating the Kentucky Derby from afar (we’ve never actually been able to attend the race in person, but doesn’t keep us from having fun!) If you want a derby 101 then check out episode 22 in season 1: Apple Podcast Link Here. This week on Steel Magnolias Podcast, we are talking about Southern Cocktails including the infamous Mint Julep that is the perfect celebratory concoction for Saturday’s race. Since you won’t want to eat on an empty stomach, we’d recommend making some Kentucky Hot Brown Sliders! A local favorite made famous from Louisville’s Brown Hotel, this slider variation is the perfect bite for any gathering, but especially DERBY!Cocktail in hand, now it’s time to done that big hat you only got to wear once for a fancy wedding or Halloween costume! If you don’t have a hat, that’s ok just make sure you get to tune in ahead of the race in time to catch the back story for these amazing horses… grab tissues because many of their journeys are heartfelt and courageous. Remember this is their only chance to run the Kentucky Derby, as a Thoroughbred has to be 3 years old to qualify! Now it’s time to cue “Alexa” or Spotify to play “My Old Kentucky Home” even if you don’t know the song, it will set the perfect pre-race tradition!

Mint Julep

Check out the full list of horses running this year:

Happy Derby!

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