8 Reasons FRIED GREEN TOMATOES is one of my favorite stories:

BY: LAURA BETH PETERS In celebration of the film Fried Green Tomatoes turning 30 this year, FATHOM EVENTS will be bringing it back to theaters for a limited run in May! This got me thinking, why do I love this film so much? I absolutely love southern culture, hello, I’ve spent every week now for 2 1/2 […]

We Want To Hear From You!

TELL US ABOUT HOW YOU ARE PRACTICING HOSPITALITY during Covid-19. We are compiling ideas of how creative, simple, or out of the box people are thinking when it comes to this important part of our lives. In 90 seconds or less, leave us a voice recording to share what you’ve done or what you’ve seen another […]

Southern Quilts

By Lainie Stubblefield What is it about a wrapping up in a quilt that just make you feel safe, warm, whole?   One of my treasures is a quilt that was started by my great grandmother and finished by my mother. It has many colors and patterns in the patchwork, with a theme of red […]

What makes a Steel Magnolia?

By Lainie Stubblefield If you’ve seen the movie Steel Magnolias, then maybe you thought this was just a cute name they came up with for Dolly Parton and her friends, but this term describes much more than a group of southern gals gabbing in a beauty shop. A steel magnolia, in my opinion, is one […]

It’s Derby Week Y’all!

With nearly 100 southern podcast episodes under our belt, you might know by now: We Love the Kentucky Derby! As with everything in 2020, the Kentucky Derby will look different for this year’s running of the roses in Louisville, KY, but we are just thrilled it’s happening! We are so excited that we have put […]

We have some exciting news y’all…

I (Laura Beth) am sitting across the table from my co-host and sister, Lainie with much anticipation as we write this email to you. As we look back as to why we even started doing the Steel Magnolias Podcast almost 2 years ago, it was to welcome all the new people to town that may not […]

a southerner arranging flowers

A Southerner’s Quarantine

This is merely speculation, but as southerners we feel like we know what y’all are doing while in quarantine and it might inspire the world, so here’s our list of what we think all y’all are up to. You can hear the full version with all our colorful commentary on our bonus episode from 3/16/20: […]