Sean Dietrich LIVE at The Franklin Theatre

Sean Dietrich LIVE at The Franklin Theatre

Laura Beth Peters and Lainie Stubblefield

Here in the American South, we have a question we ask one another. Who are your people? That means, who is your family? We like to know how we connect to one another. Our guest today is not a part of our biological family, but we do feel like he is OUR people.

Sean Dietrich is a writer, storyteller, musician, lover of bloodhounds, Atlanta Braves fan and Andy Griffith enthusiast. His perspective on the simple, yet important things in life, is so refreshing. Meet us at the table to hear more from our friend, Sean of the South.

This episode was recorded live at The Franklin Theatre (Franklin, TN) on Oct. 30, 2022. We are excited to discuss with Sean his new book, You Are My Sunshine, as well as other fun stories from life as a southerner. 

New release: "You Are My Sunshine" -

Autobiography: "Will The Circle Be Unbroken?" -

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