Shop Southern - Gift Ideas for the Season

Shop Southern - Gift Ideas for the Season

Laura Beth Peters and Lainie Stubblefield

This has become a tradition that we do our southern gift ideas to help our listeners prepare for the gift giving season. With our economy in a dire situation, what better time to support American made products and supporting local/regional businesses! Meet us at the table to help get your gift list completed.

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  • 1818 Farms - Pressed Flower Tray* 
    • Link takes you straight to Resin products and applies the code automatically….
    • Discount code - for all Resin Tray products. 20% off. Code: 1818SM - The code expires on 12/10/22.
    • *Each piece is one of a kind and isn’t produced until it is ordered. Production time is around 4 weeks so it is best to order early if you are wanting the gift in hand for the holidays. 
  • Dorm Decor - Hang It Photo Display

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