Southern Marching Bands & Majorettes

Southern Marching Bands & Majorettes

Laura Beth Peters and Lainie Stubblefield

No surprises here, especially if you’ve been listening to this podcast for a while or lived in the South very long, that college football is a big deal here.

On this episodewe are talking about the BACKBONE of college football. The talent and esteem found in marching bands are proof that music is an incredibly important part of the game and one of the South’s fondest college football traditions. 

For more COLLEGE FOOTBALL TRADITIONS in the South check out this previous episode (one of our favorite episodes to date)

Every now and then, we come upon something we like so much we HAVE to tell you aboue. On this episode we shared a podcast we are loving: Vanishing Postcards. Hosted by Texas native Evan Stern, Vanishing Postcards invites listeners to ride shotgun on a road trip exploring the hidden dives, traditions and frequently threatened histories discovered by exiting the interstates. Featuring stories from dance halls, bbq joints, honky tonks and more, Vanishing Postcards is an immersive, touching and frequently humorous experience- perfect for when you need a breather, but don’t have the time or luxury of hitting the open road. To join the ride, please find Vanishing Postcards wherever you get your podcasts, and tell Evan we sent you!

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