Southern Revivals

Southern Revivals

Laura Beth Peters and Lainie Stubblefield

As the name states, the word revival simply put is when something is revived. But what exactly?

In terms of faith, theologian and preacher Jonathan Edwards once said, "Revival is the Acceleration & Intensification of the normal work of the Holy Spirit." 

We think people and places are shaped by such moves so today we are discussing Southern Revivals.

What happens in revival? How is that different than an awakening? What impact did any of the documented revivals in the US have on the American South? 

  • The First, Second and Third Great Awakening
  • Cane Ridge Revival
  • Tent Revivals
  • The Ryman Auditorium
  • The Brownsville Revival
  • Asbury Revival
  • We're discussing all this and more today!

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