Sisters, sisters…

There were never such devoted sisters to the South!

Laura Beth Peters and Lainie Stubblefield co-host the Steel Magnolias Podcast where they provide space for each listener to have a place at the table while they have uplifting conversations about life in the American South. A ‘steel magnolia’ is a chiefly southern term for a person who exemplifies extraordinary grace as well as an uncommon fortitude. As sisters the chemistry is natural, as southerners the conversation is lively, but these hosts provide different perspectives to the life, landscape, history and culture of the South. 

Lainie is a licensed massage therapist of 20 years and runs her own business. Laura Beth is a former marketing manager turned stay-at-home mom. These sister’s love of the South inspired them to turn to the world of podcasting to share that love with others; even those that are new to living in the South with a look of culture shock in their eyes. 

As natives to Nashville, Tennessee the show is produced with a regional viewpoint from the kitchen table of Lainie’s home in downtown Franklin, Tennessee. A passion project with long term vision, topics include food, hospitality, travel, regional events, history, plus some amazing listener-generated topics. A new episode is released each week on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, and all major platforms.