Uplifting Conversations About Life in the South

A Southern Podcast where there’s plenty of room at the table, so pull up a chair…

If you’re looking for a southern podcast with a friendly welcome, you’re in the right place!

We are Laura Beth Peters (left) and Lainie Stubblefield (right)… Two sisters who love family, traditions, and all things Southern! Every Tuesday we are talking about southern culture! Bringing you an uplifting conversation straight from our table about life in the south.

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I have enjoyed listening to Laura Beth and Lainie’s podcast… each week so many memories from childhood come flooding back to me!

Becca, South Carolina

Born and raised in PA, but my heart is in the south. I came across this podcast one day and haven’t stopped listening while walking the dog each evening! I love every episode so far and hope to move south one day!

Mallori, Pennsylvania