Remembering Minnie Pearl... feat. Mary Beth Pruett

Remembering Minnie Pearl... feat. Mary Beth Pruett

Today we are remembering the late great, Minnie Pearl.

HOOOOOWWWWDDEE! We are just so proud to be here today with a special guest!

Born and raised a Tennessee farm girl, Mary Beth Pruett still lives on the farm started by her great-great grandfather. She loves horses and dogs, reading and good music! She doesn't remember a time that she did not want to be a writer. She has been writing her whole life, but ended up a librarian. Mary Beth also happens to be the great niece of Sara Ophelia Cannon, better known as Minnie Pearl. Mary Beth is a wealth of knowledge and history not just with her Great Aunt but also with the history of Centerville/Hickman County, Tennessee. 

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Her book “Turn by the Red Calf” details adventures and misadventures on her ancestral Tennessee farm and musings from life and daily observations. Pruett has a wry and often humorous perspective on the pleasures and pitfalls of living in an old farmhouse with four lively dogs and trying to keep tabs on a farm approaching the two century mark. 

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