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We’re celebrating 2 years of the Steel Magnolias Podcast! We’re also chatting about how people are keeping memories alive in a minimalist and digital world! Looking back here are our favorite episodes:   Season 1: Keeneland- https://apple.co/36XeskN Southern Dancing- https://apple.co/339FWCO Steel Magnolias- https://apple.co/35Srhxu Southern Remedies – https://apple.co/3kVHLZS College Football Traditions – https://apple.co/3lUsSIV Southern Gift Ideas – https://apple.co/35T39ux Heirloom Seeds – https://apple.co/35Ubbn6   Season 2: Women’s Suffrage – (2 episodes) https://apple.co/3lWE3k7  and https://apple.co/2J2m7G6 Estate Sales – https://apple.co/2HpkQbQ Fried Green Tomatoes with Fannie Flagg – https://apple.co/3lVmhh3 Florida Highwayman – https://apple.co/3fo6HYV How the TVA Changed the South – https://apple.co/2IVhe1H   Share memories with these services: Postagram – https://apple.co/3kZb122 Mixtiles – https://mixtiles.com MPix – http://mpix.com Digital Frame – Nixplay – https://www.nixplay.com Storyworth – http://storyworth.com Save your kid’s artwork – Artkive – http://artkiveapp.com and http://keepy.me   Support us on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/steelmagnolias   Follow us @SteelMagnoliasPodcast
  1. Capturing Memories
  2. New Ladies of Country
  3. Sweet Tea and Simple Syrups
  4. Blue Ridge Parkway
  5. Fried Green Tomatoes with FANNIE FLAGG
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