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Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Elizabeth Heiskell. Elizabeth is a Mississippi cook and caterer, founder of Debutante Farmer Bloody Mary Mix, regular TODAY show contributor, and author of What Can I Bring? and The Southern Living Party Cookbook. Her latest book, Come On Over!: Southern Delicious for Every Day and Every Occasion, is available NOW!!    Connect with Elizabeth Heiskell: https://www.elizabethheiskell.com   We are giving away a copy of Elizabeth’s new book, a “Peace Be with Yall” tote, and cheese straws from Mama Geraldines this week on our Instagram page. Enter @SteelMagnoliasPodcast   Make sure you’re on our mailing list: https://bit.ly/32ObA86
  1. Come On Over: Elizabeth Heiskell
  2. The Grand Ole Opry
  3. Azalea Trail Maids
  4. Sean of the South
  5. The Masters
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