Laura Beth Peters (left) and
Lainie Stubblefield (right) hosts of the Steel Magnolias Podcast

Sisters, sisters…

There were never such devoted sisters to the South! We love it here and we are proud to call the South home. We were born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee and hope we get to stay here forever!

There are a LOT of people moving to Nashville, and many are not familiar with our culture, which is why we started the Steel Magnolias Podcast. A ‘steel magnolia’ is a chiefly southern term for a woman who exemplifies both traditional femininity as well as an uncommon fortitude. We think that’s something to aspire to and maybe who we already are!

Starting a southern podcast…

The podcast explores the culture of the American South and the why and how we cook the way we cook, decorate the way we decorate, host the way we host, talk the way we talk and much, much more!

A passion project with long term vision, topics include food, hospitality, travel, regional events, college football, preserving the good, Southern etiquette plus some amazing listener-generated topics.

site photography: https://www.lifebyestelle.com